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I'm supporting leader like you by becoming your business partner and a safe haven.
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More time and flexibility gained through strategic business development!
100% more efficiency in the completion of your core business through guidance and clear structure.
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Fühlst Du Dich überwältigt von der Fülle an Aufgaben, mit denen Dich Dein Business täglich konfrontiert?

Du hast kaum noch Zeit für Dich und verbringst viel Zeit mit Arbeiten, die Dich einfach nicht mit Freude erfüllen?

Du hättest gerne Unterstützung von jemanden, der für Dein Business genauso brennt wie Du?
Wenn Du diese Fragen gerade mit “Ja” beantwortet hast, dann brauchst Du einen Geschäftspartner, dem Dein Business genauso am Herzen liegt wie Dir! Jemanden, der Dir mit Rat und Tat beim Auf- und Ausbau Deines Business zur Seite steht, Dich berät, Dir bei der Umsetzung hilft und Dir auch mal Mut zuspricht.
Diese Person bin ich!
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks your business confronts you with every day
You hardly have time for yourself and spend a lot of time on tasks that just don’t give you pleasure?
You would like to have support from someone who is as passionate about your business as you are?

If you just answered “yes” to these questions, then you need a business partner who cares about your business as much as you do! Someone who will support you with words and deeds in building up and expanding your business, who will give you advice, help you with the realization and who will also encourage you.

This person is me!


I’m Lisa-Marie!
Let´s create your Soul Business together!
The business world is becoming increasingly complex and is characterized by permanent innovations. Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by these developments and are quickly robbed of their strength and inspiration. I completely understand… But don’t worry! This is where I come in play.
I offer conscious entrepreneurs and coaches advice and support in building and expanding their business by taking on the role of your reliable business partner (sparring partner) and supporting you in the areas of online marketing, business development and branding. My goal is to become the driving force for your business by actively contributing to the realization of complex activities and thus helping you to focus on your core competencies.
What is my mission?Together we build the business or project of your dreams. I will optimize your workflow, brainstorm with you, develop strategies, set goals, be by your side whenever you need me and take your business to the next level.
My goal is to support you in your business tasks and become a guide and partner for your growing soul business.

Online Services

Marketing Icon


Online marketing offers a variety of amazing tools for capturing the attention of your target market. Together we can identify the best marketing strategy for your business.

During the course of this, I will help you create and organize your posts on social media, improve your search traffic by implementing SEO strategies and/or keep your audience updated via e-mail marketing (e.g. newsletters).
Kommunikation Icon


Connecting with your customers through personal engagement is key to earning both trust and recognition! I will help you maintain customer relationships built on mutual understanding by supporting you in connecting personally with your audience.

I support you to get in touch with your target group personally and authentically, so that you can build real connections with your community.


A sales process thrives on improvement. Together we will develop sales methods and work on their realization in order to help you reach your sales goals! I can support you in managing your orders, invoicing, customer acquisition, and sales communication.

Launch Support

In order for you to fully concentrate on your creative process, I help you with the planning, structuring and strategic promotion of your product or course launches. I give you valuable guidance through my many years of experience and empower you to stay on course. This gives you more time to focus on the essentials of promoting your offers.

Business Development

You need someone who helps you with your business concepts and target planning – someone who optimizes your workflow or helps you to develop new business strategies?

Together we will develop strategies in order to help you work more efficiently and reach your goals faster!
“By becoming your reliable business partner I will have your back while growing your business and finalizing your goals!”

 Lisa-Marie Krämer

Lisa-Marie Krämer Portrait

Exklusive Services

Music, Video & Design


Do you require a professional video, a uniquely composed music soundtrack, illustrations, or the general help of a designer?

Together with the creative minds of NiceView Studios, we are able to offer you exclusive services specializing in video, music, and design!

Wie funktioniert die Zusammenarbeit

Du vereinbarst einen Termin für ein kostenloses Kennenlerngespräch

Melde Dich einfach in meinem virtuellen Kalender an und lass uns ein erstes Gespräch führen. So finden wir heraus, wie ich Dir am besten helfen kann.
Nachdem Du Dich in meinem virtuellen Kalender eingetragen hast, erhältst Du automatisch eine Einladung mit meinem Zoom-Link und weitere Informationen zum Meeting.

Kick-off Meeting

In unserem Kick-Off-Meeting finden wir heraus, wo Du mit Deinem Unternehmen hinwillst und wie ich Dich auf Deinem Weg am besten unterstützen kann.

Unsere Zusammenarbeit

Gemeinsam bauen wir das Business oder das Projekt Deiner Träume auf. Ich optimiere Schritt-für-Schritt Deine Arbeitsabläufe, Brainstorme mit Dir, entwickle Strategien, setze Ziele und heben so Dein Business auf die nächste Stufe.

Zusammenarbeit Nice View Services

How You can profit from working with me

You would like to have more time to yourself so that you can focus on your most important business tasks? I’ll have your back!

​I help you with a structured approach to tasks, improve your organization skills and help you with the completion of time-consuming activities. By working with me, you gain more time and flexibility for yourself.

I used to think my many interests were a disadvantage but now I consider myself a multi-talent or scanner personality.

You can benefit from that too. I hereby offer you the possibility to access my many talents. In addition, I’m either constantly educating myself or acquiring new skills with great enthusiasm. When given the chance, I will be thrilled to create exciting collaborations with other creative minds for you.
I’ll support you in your business and in developing strategies that appeal to your target group and reflect you and your values. We will be working closely together, which is why it is especially important to me that our cooperation takes place at eye level.
A clear structure is fundamental for every successful business. I will support you in not losing the thread in the development and expansion of your business. This way, you will always stay on course towards your success.
I am a solution-oriented person and don’t dwell on problems – Instead, I am always on the lookout for creative solutions and will strive to develop strategies to make your life easier in the future.
In my relations with clients, reliability and work quality are as important as the professional handling of your business.

What my clients say about working with me

Are you ready to set sail for success?

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Capturing and editing videos in 4k, animations, live streaming, digital arts, illustrations, music production and soundtrack mixing.
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Nice View

Consultation & support in online marketing and business development, (personal) branding, process optimisation and mindset for your online business.

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