This is the story of how I started following my dreams…
Lisa-Marie Krämer

My name is Lisa-Marie, I’m a business owner, brand consultant, and sparring partner from Munich who lives in Germany and Brazil.

My studies in International Management have allowed me to live, study and work abroad in what quickly became a life-changing experience for me. I took this opportunity to challenge myself by adapting quickly to new environments, working in international teams, and learning from foreign cultures.

I absolutely loved it! During that time, I also developed a passion for traveling around the globe and so I have lived abroad most of the time for the last years and have learned a great deal from my inspiring encounters with people from all around the world and our beautiful nature.

Since then my mind has been circling around how I can complete my dream to include this exciting and enriching life with a job I feel deeply compassionate about. And that was when life just unfolded in front of me.

In 2018 I went to Italy and met Marcos, who together with Enzo, had started their own company as video & music producers – NiceView Studios. Being together with this crew, I felt incredibly inspired by their courage to start a business. I slowly realized that I only had to create my dream job and do what I love most: supporting people in fulfilling their professional and artistic dreams with the know-how and passion that I offer through my individual and unique services. That’s when we decided to start a beautiful cooperation!

You are interested in creating something wonderful with me?